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I remember very well Rajamäen valkoetikettisen Väkiviinaetikkapullon childhood. That was always somewhere in the childhood home of the kitchen at the back of the cabinet. Mother used it to pickle manufacture. In fact, I have not pickle supreme friend, but etikkasienet, for example, taste particularly well. Last year, the mushrooms were higher than in general and in particular, all suppisreseptit was tested. All except Pickling! Well now I was able to then try Rajamäen own blog etikkasienireseptiä cooperation. Pickling is good to learn the secrets now, so I can get, then this particular autumn mushrooms collected for the winter. Mushrooms drying is a tough job without the dryer, and freezing the mushrooms lose a lot of deliciousness. Pickling is a traditional Finnish and too little nowadays used as a way to preserve summer and autumn delights.




I was surprised by how quickly and easily these etikkasienet born. One of the pieces of onion, a couple of kiehautusta and steaming the mixture canning. In almost all. In this five-step recipe:

1. Clean 1 l mushrooms (chanterelles, for example)
2. Measure 2 cups water in a saucepan, 1.5 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 5 whole cloves and 5 black pepper and a piece of cinnamon stick.
3. Boil the broth for 5 minutes and then strain the spices from the bath.
4. Add broth 1 cup Rajamäen organic white vinegar , mushrooms and one sliced ​​onion.
5. Cook for a few minutes and then pour the mushrooms liemineen glass jars and close the jar.

Etikkasienet preserved at refrigerator temperature for several months. Help will be completed in about half a liter etikkasieniä.




Rajamäen organic spirit vinegar produced by natural fermentation of organically produced wine. I studied Rajamäen pages that white vinegar may only be called the natural method produced vinegar. Separately are then synthesis of acetic acid by diluting made ​​vinegars. Rajamäki is involved in blue-white in the second campaign, the purpose of which is to arouse consumers more aware of how important it is to support the work of Finnish and Finnish products (taken aback by the way here if everyone would buy Finnish per month for 10 euros more Finnish products and services, creating 10 jobs in 000 years). Rajamäen spirit vinegar, is also one of Finland’s oldest branded products. It has been produced in Finland for 120 years.




Now, when I got up to speed Pickling, Rajamäen other recipes also greatly attracted by rosmariinipunajuuret , basilikapaprikat and kirsikkapikkelsi . As a bonus, all preserved in jars look just lovely evening! Even when it would be kind of shelf paper lined with cute kylmäkomero, which could collect the cans just a hobby. :)

This article writing was the kitchen naps when the fungus snapped airtight jar. I look forward to being able to bring himself to the etikkasienipurnukan one winter Sunday brunssipöytään, or perhaps as early as November, or even in October …




Post carried out in collaboration  Rajamäen  with.

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